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want to wean....but not sure if I'm ready :(

My little one just turned 20 months.....she is so grown up in so many ways, but still loves to nurse before her nap, before bed, and 1-2x at the morning. I've been trying to cut her down to just before bed, but I'm not making any progress.

I had a miscarriage in April, and a miscarriage in between my younger 2 (while my DS was still nursing), and as someone who already has low progesterone (I've always taken supplements to sustain an early pregnancy), I think I need to wean in order to give another baby a better chance to stick.

However, I have mixed feelings....lots of emotions tied to this. My son weaned at 13 months because he had to have surgery on his tongue for a genetic problem, and never went back to nursing. I kind of vowed to nurse the next baby as long as he/she wanted because I was so traumatized/saddened by that experience.

Also, having had 2 early losses now....even though it is probably crazy...sometimes I fear that I will never have another baby (I'm I should still have plenty of time). But, you never really know! If I knew I could never have another baby, I would probably nurse my current baby until she was 3.

On the other side of the coin....I'm ready to be done. I'm ready to sleep all night...I'm ready to drop a few pounds that always stick to me as long as I'm nursing a little one...and I'm ready to find new ways to comfort my little one.

Any advice for me? I know my post is probably confusing, but I feel confused. I really am ready to let go....but I'm kind of sad about it
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