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Re: An ethical question about breastfeeding

I wish I could donate mine. There does not seem to be anywhere near me that will take it I have a huuuge supply (again, bring on the triplets ) and just one baby to eat it. (Though he *is* 18 pounds at 4 months )

When my best friend gets pregnant I've told her I will help her out if she needs it. Absolutely.

What I don't 100% understand is people saying they would only donate breastmilk if the mother couldn't bf for whatever reason. I can completely understand wanting sick/formula intolerant babies to get bm first. After that though I am fine with my milk going to any healthy baby, regardless of mother's feeling towards breastfeeding herself.

The way I look at it is this. Yes, in a perfect world all mothers would could breastfeed would. I wish we were there. However denying someone pumped milk isn't going to make them bf themselves. For me it's about the babies, not the mothers (not that I'm not trying to help the whole family out, but first and foremost it's about helping a baby get the best IMO).
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