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Re: medicaid coverage of indidvidual lactation consultant?

Originally Posted by CurtsBabyMama View Post
I heard that the WIC office where I live gives you an automatic Medela pump! I always thought that was great.
I think it just depends where you live, different ones do different things...also when I got my Medela PIS from WIC I had to sign a waiver saying I would not accept formula from WIC for 6 months...but, if I had not wanted to sign the waiver they had a Bailey double electric or a manual that I could have still gotten. They are so awesome...we did bi-weekly weight checks before and after feedings and I was constantly on the phone with the peer support person and LC at my local office...the LC was really helpful and also knew of a lot of other resources and the peer councilor was so sweet and supportive (she knew a lot too, just not quite the expertise needed for our intense issues).
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