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Re: How often do you play with your children?

I play with them fairly often during the day. I never watch tv or am on the computer when they are awake. I do however nurse the baby, get them lunch, go work out, take them to their activities, clean the house, etc.

This afternoon I was in the middle of cleaning the family room and dd3 asked if I wanted to play go fish. I told her I will play when I finish cleaning the room and then she went ahead and "dealt" the cards. (She is 2 and gave me 2 cards and took the rest herself.) I hadn't realized she had done this and she proceeded to ask me if I had a certain card. I truthfully responded "no, I don't." She told me to tell her "go fish." So I did. She asked me for more cards and I responded "no, go fish." Then, she asked for a certain card and again.....I said the same thing and she said "yes, you is right here and pointed to my pile of 2 cards." I then realized she was actually playing with me when I was cleaning.
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