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Re: Growing Green Onions in a Jar

Originally Posted by Pampered Mama View Post
I tried it, and within an hour of putting them in water, they had all wilted- and couldn't bring them back- chopped up the whole bunch and put them in dinner!
I do it all the time with success but here's the key, don't stick the onions in the water, put em in the fridge til u use em, then leave 2" of white part still on (so u r only using the green part) and then after using them the first time, stick em in the water. I tried sticking whole onions from the store straight into the water with the same wilty ick result! I do in only 1" of water, can get even sometimes 3 regrow this out of em, but I always have to trash em cuz sitting in the water makes the bottoms watery mush after a while!

I have also learned you can eat the tops (same as the water method) and replant in your garden and they'll regrow then you just trim off what you need and they'll just keep going! Also can plant one clove of garlic in the garden and you'll get a whole plant up from it!!! So neat!

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