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Re: Why does DD wake every 45 minutes?

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Certainly if she wants help, but you did say that they wouldn't 'transition to the next sleep cycle' without OPs assistance, which in our case has not been true. DD2 was waking every hour for about 2 months at that age, as was DD1. I would put her in bed with us at the 1 st waking. One day she began waking only 2 times, then 1, then none, without us changing anything. Now the night waking is the exception, not the rule. That's all I was saying, that you don't always have to do something, sometimes it just passes.

I've heard night weaning helps in some cases.
I meant that HER daughter needed help transitioning IMO, not that every kid every where was incapable of transitioning on their own. yes some things pass with time but the OP already said that she was thinking about doing something further and wanting advice. theres nothing wrong with not waiting and just trying a few things.

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