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Re: Why does DD wake every 45 minutes?

Originally Posted by JulieHyphenAnn View Post
Of course, I'm also reassured to know that this stage will come to an end at some point. I am telling myself that my AP/cosleeping ways did not contribute to this hard situation (I refuse to call it a "problem"). But it would be easy to think that IF I had chosen a different sleep arrangement my DD might be sleeping longer. Who even knows?
I know exactly how you feel. My son nursed for comfort many many times a night until he was 8 months old and we finally gave in to CIO because nothing else we tried worked and I never felt rested. Even after CIO he still woke a lot at night, but less. He is now 2.5 and rarely sleeps through a night with out needing some hugs for comfort (it was only half a year ago that my DH stopped sleeping on his floor most nights). However my 4 month old daughter sleeps like an angel in her bassinet. Some nights I have to replace her paci regularly, but she will sleep the whole night with out eating most nights.
With my son we co-slept those early months and don't with my DD. My son was nursed and my DD is formula fed. There are so many differences in our parenting between the two of them plus they are very different babies so I can't know what makes the difference in their sleep habits, but my DH and I frequently wonder if our much more AP-style with our son early on created his poor sleeping habits. We don't really believe it, but we still debate it.
Sorry, no real advice, just hugs because I know how you feel.
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