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Re: Journey to Conception group grads!

Ok, this is a vent. I'm sorry ahead of time if it make me sound so terrible but i got to get it out.

DH and I got in another big *** fight today. (we go threw periods were we really battle it out sometime...guess we are in another fight phase.) I knew he was not all that thrilled we are preggers again. (money is super tight, farm/milk business is crap, we are close to not being able to pay some important bills, blah, blah...) He's already said once he didn't want this baby. well i blew it off, today we really got into it again, So much so i told him to take the kids with him to do chores tonight and I would be gone by the time he got home. he said he wished he hadn't knocked me up. I looked at him and told him i could take care of that. Since while i was cleaning dd's disaster of a room, i thought i could call and see if my doc would prescribe me that abortion pill, then just tell dh that i m/c again. I feel so guilty even thinking about it, but if things aren't the best right now, then we really shouldn't be having another. I know god has a plan for me, but i just don't see it. I am still miserable right now with the kids behaving for right now and dh gone to do chores. I have been crying on and off since we got into it, and i just can't seem to stop, and to top it off i am getting cramps again Why can't life be easier? I'm gonna go crawl in a whole and crochet on a order for a while. I am praying that the kids will go to bed early and i can go to bed early to while dh is running his wood order. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

ETA: I don't think i could say it, but I could never abort, I think i said it just to piss dh off.
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