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Shower Gifts GALORE!!!!! What do you think?

So, I've been working on this for MONTHS now, ever since my friend found out see was pregnant with twins and said she wants to CD! No one around her has been supportive in that, and this is one of my dearest closest friends (known her since freshman year of high school). Had no idea how much i had actually got til i just pulled it all out! So, I'm still waiting on a few things that I am hoping and praying get here by tomorrow:
We've got:
20 infant prefolds tye-dyed by me
2 Fanciful fannies hemp contours
2 fanciful fannies AIO's
6 Fanciful Fannies Fitteds
2 Fanciful Fannies covers
2 Kissaluvs size 0
2 Kissaluvs Contours
2 Snappies
1 Stacinator (bummed that I couldn't get a second one of these)
1 handknit by me soaker
2 Bummis super whisper wraps
2 valor kid fitteds
1happy heiny fitted
1 BBL fitted
1 bottle tea tree oil
1 box of baby bits
1 diaper rash salve from Tutti Frutti Baby
2 mitt wipes and 2 regular wipes from Holdens landing
30 of Tangy's amazing wipes
a nursing ornament from Weezies Whimsies
3 dyed and stamped prefolds (one of them is infant) from Calysto
2 dyed and stamped t's from calysto
1 dyed and stamped shorts from calysto
a nursing necklace from Calysto
an organic cotton baby blanket
a bottle of Allens Naturally

what is in the works:
a baby blanket knit by me
another soaker (opposite color scheme of the one I made) knit by my dh
getting a downy ball and vinegar today
getting a diaper/garbage pail today

what I'm waiting on:
a swaddlebee tote/wetbag
6 nursing pads
2 newborn longies from Stitchin Snugglies
2 newborn longies from Merolu
a wool gift pack from Northern Essence
a diaper coin purse from Bradyns Mommy

I think thats it! did I forget anything major that I should have included in this? I'm sooooo excited to give this to her at her shower tomorrow....and hopefully show her friends/family how far cd-ing has come and how fun/easy it can be
It's been sooooo fun getting all these newborn dipes in the mail, gonna miss it

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