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Re: anyone else switch to a midwife at the end of pregnancy

I did with my 2nd pregnancy after having preterm with my 1st (twins) and no one seemed to care when I started having contractions at 28wks (when I went into preterm labor w/ my twins) and I decided to look around. I found a midwife and dr practice and the MWs do deliveries at the hospital. I really liked the personalization I had with my MW, but I also love my High-Risk OB who I had w/ the twins and my last pregnancy. I had a lot of weird issues after having my 3rd baby (atypical eclamptic seizures & peri-partum cardiomyopathy) so I couldn't been seen by a MW. My dr was on leave and wasn't able to see me during my pregnancy until my last appt and was a little peeved that I never discussed it with her but she was never there so how could I have? I don't think dr's expect moms to leave mid-pregnancy unless they're relocating, but I have advised many moms to find a new dr after having horrible experiences! They were always afraid of what would happen if they left... What could they do? Refuse to transfer your charts? No...
Anyway, I wish you luck with your move. I've actually only had a dr for my twin delivery, my 3rd was an RN (and a lay MW in TX,) my 4th was a MW and my 5th was an RN as well. I had quick deliveries and the right ppl didn't have time to come in and catch the baby! The dr with my 3rd didn't show up for almost 30 mins after I delivered! Good thing I was hemmoraging huh?!
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