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Re: anyone else switch to a midwife at the end of pregnancy

Try posting something in the "Finding Your Tribe" forum at Just go to the right sub-forum for your area and ask for recommendations on may be surprised. I don't know where you are but $3000 seems really high. I'm in GA and the homebirth midwives I checked with were $1500 - $2000 and every one that I interviewed said that they would work with us if we wound up switching to them late in the pregnancy (because of PTL, we weren't sure if homebirth would be an option or not so we were looking at switching around 34-36 weeks if the baby wasn't born yet). Each of them also had different policies on payment...most required a deposit with the first visit and as you said, they preferred to have full payment before the baby was born because it's difficult to collect later but they were all very willing to work with us.

As I posted in the other thread, you really should contact someone like and the insurance commissioner in your state. I've run into some pretty crazy things with medical bills over the years and from what I've learned, it sounds like you may be getting some misinformation from people who just want your money (not uncommon!) You also really need to get a copy of the benefits book from HR and check out what it says about copays/deductibles/etc. Unless they've notified you in writing of a change, they have to stand by what's printed there. And don't pay anything in advance...they cannot refuse you medical care if you're in labor so you don't have to worry about that. Once the hospital has settled with the insurance company, you'll get a final bill and then you can work with a financial counsellor to work something out. I have had hospitals "write off" as much as half of a bill's not uncommon. As for paying whatever is left, they're usually pretty good about working with long as you pay *something* (even $5 a month) they'll keep your account in good standing and not put anything on your credit just have to show that you're making an effort. Worst case scenario, if they do put something on your credit report, it will be labeled as medical and most places will ignore it when they review your credit. I worked in the banking industry for several years and any time we looked at a credit report, we disregarded anything that was medical because it's so common for insurance companies to take forever resolving claims and the patients get caught in the middle.

I know this is the hardest thing to do but please, try to relax...this is stress you and your baby do not need right now! Your family is in our prayers, everything will work out one way or another.
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