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Re: How on earth do you lose weight

I love pilates for abdominal work, but I agree that you need to put some cardio in. Something as simple as brisk stroller walk can be amazing. You don't have to go crazy.

I also have the book, Eat Well Lose Weight While Breastfeeding. By Eileen Behan. She is a registered dietician. This book is really informative about how your body produces milk and how to safely lose weight and maintian your milk supply. Some of the food options are a little on the extreme side, but she helps you figure out how much you need and has lots of good ideas. It is also nice because she breaks up meals into about 6 small meals (3 conventional and 3 snacks) that way you don't go too long w/ food and then less likely to feel hungry. I found out about this book on LLL site but bought the book at Barnes and Noble so you can check there or amazon and maybe find it used or cheaper.
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