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Re: my 3 m/o's head is flat on one side!

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
When he was first born he slept with it turned to one side. I'd try to turn it but it seemed like it was stiff or something and he's always turn back. Now he's 3 months and it's noticably flatter on that side. I try to turn his head nightly, wedge a blanket under his side so he has to turn his head the other way but nothing helps.
will it even out at least a little later?
Yep. It will slowly fix itself. You can "pet" your child's head to help slowly put the curve back, but really it should pretty much do it on its own.

DS was like this. He slept only on one side. He wouldn't turn his neck even when picked up. He was finally diagnosed with torticollis and we had to do exercises and really enforce sleeping a certain. He then decided he liked sleeping on his belly face down (which he still does to this day).

Anyway, his head was flat on that one side that he always slept on. It went back to normal around his 10-11th month. Babies heads are very soft until sometime around one (less for some; more for others). Their heads will form and shape over time until all of the pieces fuse and harden. Until that time, their heads can and will continue to shape.
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