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Measuring behind... could the baby still be okay?

So... I went in at 7 weeks 6 days [a week before my viability scan] because I was cramping a LOT. The doctor did a transvaginal US and saw only a fetal pole inside of a 6 week sac. He told me since I had taken a pregnancy test on the 18th of June and gotten my BFP [this scan was on July 11th] that it was unlikely my baby would make it, but to come back for my other scan as we had scheduled before scheduling a D&C.

Fast forward a week. I go in for my scan, OBVIOUSLY expecting the worse. He starts the ultrasound... and I see a flicker. He tells me there is a heartbeat and he cannot believe it. He said that I must have gotten pregnant later than I though, but cannot explain the fact that I know my O date and the fact that I got a positive pregnancy test over 4 weeks ago.

Has ANYONE else had this happen? If so, what happened? I am of course praying for a miracle, but I have lost so many babies that it's hard. I go back on 8/2 and I am also waiting on some blood tests.
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