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Re: Pros/Cons of Hip Snaps?

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
I have the la di da pattern. I think it has both side snap and front snap options. It just depends on where you place the snaps.
I do not think la-di-da has an option for side snapping closure.

Originally Posted by raymark View Post
My understanding of la-di-da dipes are that they are front fastening diapers with hip this not so?
Hip snap is something different. It is what added to front closing diapers to prevent wing droop. It doesn't make a diaper hip snapping.

If we talk about different closures, I'd say there are front closing diapers and side closing diapers. Hip snapping diapers is a variation of front snap closing diapers. The difference between front snapping diapers and hip snapping diapers is that the last ones close on hips. Regular front snapping diapers close on the front. Hip snapping diapers have wings almost the same length as the front panel

ETA: thank you to the OP for starting this thread. I know it was not about hip snapping diapers . But it made me think about changing my pattern to hip snapping. Hip snapping diapers fit so nicely different babies.
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