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Re: Sore nipples

Well, the pp has a point, they could be sensitive from early pg. If that's not the case, I'd treat it the same as a new nursing mom would. After a nursing, rinse with warm water and pat dry, express some milk and rub it onto your nipples and air dry. When dry, put on lanolin salve. Make sure your breast pads are always dry too. Try to go bra less as much as possible and be sure your lo is latching properly. Also, avoid soap directly on them in the shower. Sorry, I'm all over the place with info but I'm kinda writing as I think of things. I suffered terribly with both my boys in the beginning but never after the first few months. If it doesn't let up in a week, I'd get checked out. Oh, and check your baby's mouth for thrush, a yeast infection can make your nipples REALLY sore a irritated. HTH
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