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Re: Sore nipples

Originally Posted by rougeaux View Post
I am thinking thrush too. Are you itchy at all?
Your DS does not have to have symptoms but it could still be yeast infection on your side. I'd treat YOU anyway, you can put live active yogurt on your nipples between feedings (I'm not sure if you're a s/wahm or not this may not be a possibility at work har har).
If it IS a yeast infection the yogurt will REALLY help your pain/cracking issues immediately. if this is the case, start taking acidophilus and eating LOTS of yogurt (both you and ds) unless you'd rather do the Rx route, your Dr can prescribe a pill which is much faster/easier.
Ok, I'm not at all familiar with yogurt. I'm not a big fan of eating it, but DH and the kids do so we have some. Is all yogurt live active? I do sahm so I could do this. And what is acidophilus, and where can I get it? I need to aviod the dr since I don't have insurance at this time.
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