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Re: How often does your EBF 5 month old BF? and a question about solids...........

My DD just turned 5 mo. She eats about every 2-3 hours during the day, sometimes cluster feeds in the pm before bed which is then every 2 hours. She started waking up again during the night to eat once (she was sleeping through the night from 10pm until 5 am) and then sleeps until 6 am or so. I think it's probably growth spurt time for my LO too. I only nursed DS until he was 4 mo- I was working more and had a lower milk supply so he weaned very early and I quit b/c I was exhausted- so this is new to me too.

My Ped said to hold off on solids until 6 months- then to start slowly. If they aren't sitting up totally unassisted, that's ok. I reclined my highchair with DS or I've heard those soft Bumbo chairs work great for first eating. I have the Super Baby Food book- she recommends starting with banana and avacado. Also to make your own brown rice cereal that has more nutrition than white rice cereal. They can digest the brown rice cereal after 6 months. Might as well skip the boxed rice cereal since it really doesn't have much nutritional value. Good luck!
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