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Re: Any Semi-Crunchy moms?

I prefer to think of AP'ing as doing what fits right for you, your baby and your family. I've co-slept with all three of my kids until they stopped sleeping well with me and preferred their own beds, we gentle discipline as much as possible, EBF until six months at least and continued until they refused, which was around 14-16 months. I wore my first two babies in a Baby Bjorn and found slings and wraps with my last. I do use a stroller often because I've got three young kids and I'm preggo. We'd never get out otherwise.

For crunchiness, I'm semi We CD, I use mama cloth (my skin is so much happier and my cycles are much more pleasant) we try to eat as healthy/balanced as possible, I finally cut out soda, I make as much baby food as I can, my last two births were in the hospital, induced, with no pain meds, etc. But, we do sposies at night and when we're out, we eat fast food on occasion, and I do buy baby food for certain occasions or where I'm just feeling like I'm overwhelmed with life in general.

As far as medicated births, doctors, circumcision and such go, I truly believe that it's our responsibility as parents to do all the research we can, and make an educated, prayerful decision that's best for our families.

The bottom line to me is, if crunchiness works for you, by all means do it and more power to you! But, if it's making you miserable because it's too much work, or it's uncomfortable, then it's not really working, is it?
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