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Originally Posted by debmom2boyz

That isn't always the answer. The problem here is communication. What is expected by the teacher and the parent. (meaning what the parent is expecting) Not saying the parent is being demanding...not at all--but there needs to be some form of communication for grades/behavior on a daily basis.

Did you have any indication that his grade slipped? Other tests/work that showed C- work? THAT WOULD BE MY ISSUE!!!!! When a student's work/grade changes, I notify the parent; they have tests etc. that show that.

Go to the principal about the IEP. Directly email or send in a letter stating you want a meeting. The teacher is not the only one who can request one. Parents have every right to do so.

I would also call the school and request her email. It may be that they didn't update the site.
Ive already spoken with the teacher and principal and came up with a plan. We are setting up a meeting for a 504 plan. He won't qualify for an IEP. He *may* not even qualify for the 504. No I didn't feel his work coming home was C- quality. He did well with the random poor score thrown in. Of course when I brought this up the teachers response to me was 'Well I don't know, you have the work. If you kept it all then you'll know why he is struggling and with what'. I do know ANY parent who keeps all papers coming home. I wasn't alarmed by anything in particular. Nothing said to me 'call the teacher, looks like its getting worse'. Kwim? We'll deal with it at the meeting. Sometime in the next week or two.
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