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Re: 3rd grade sexy talk -- WWYD?

Forgot to mention that having an open/trusting relationship with her is extremely important! So, whether or not you want her to say sexy, try not to close that door. DD1 and I have "girl talks" often. Right now, I have been the one who initiates them and I'm hoping when she needs to talk to me about something she will. Our "girl talks" are very casual and we either plop on my or her bed and just chit chat like girls. It is just time for us together.

There is some drama in the 3rd grade at her school, but she knows that drama is never good. Thankfully, she seems to be taking after me and is aware of it and friends with a variety of girls but isn't sucked in to it.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Eek! I would be terrified. Isn't it Beiber Fever for Justin Beiber?? Anyway, I have no idea what I would do as I'm not there yet, but my sympathy! I'd probably try to be as honest while still age appropriate as I can.

And I've never heard of them being called 'fruity' body parts before... that did make me giggle.
Yes, that is Beiber Fever, lol. I can't stand the kid for many different reasons and I was always honest about not liking his songs (he sounds like a girl for one) and my girls just seemed to pick it up and none of them can stand him. Whenever his song comes on they scream at me to change the station. Obviously dd1 and dd2 have friends who just LOVE him and they just say....oh, ok....great. What I find the absolute funniest is they think his last name is Beaver and so that is what they call him.
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