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Re: So who actually likes the new elemental?

Originally Posted by ReadingRenee View Post
This is what I was trying to say. Im interested to see what happens with the AIO users and if they end up loving it. Im a covers flats mama so of course I think it looks cool. But Im a covers flats mama so I won't spend that amount of money on it either. lol
I think perhaps it is not enough of an all-in-one for all-in-one users, and is too much money for the smart/frugal covers and flat users. That is just my opinion Now, that being said, I am still trying one, and maybe I will end up liking them-Kinda hope not though since I have 15 old style BGE I don't want to judge too much though until I try it. I do know though, I wish the fabric covered the entire leg. bG/CB has rarely let me down on products though, so here is to hoping!!

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