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Re: So who actually likes the new elemental?

Originally Posted by gbabies2 View Post
I think it is not enough of an all-in-one for all-in-one users, and is too much money for the smart/frugal covers and flat users. That is just my opinion Now, that being said, I am still trying one, and maybe I will end up liking them-Kinda hope not though since I have 15 old style BGE
I agree totally.

Originally Posted by lrgs View Post
Yeah.....I just think if there's going to be that much bunching and exposed PUL, I'll put a prefold in a Flip and save myself some money. (for my 3rd baby that isn't conceived and may never be conceived ) Although I remember when Flips and Econobums came out, no one liked the idea of those and Flips have caught on so who knows. If they could have done a design simillar to this without exposed PUL or bunching then I think I would have liked it. Plus BGE's are $30 here so definitely not worth it.
I wonder if they could have done it with sandwiched PUL instead. Or even mesh since its a one time use thing it wouldn't matter if it got wet or whatever.
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