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Re: Embryo Donation/Adoption?

My RE's office does some work w/ embryo donation. I only had 2 freeze from my 1st IVF cycle, and I'm stimming for my 2nd now; the RE's office has to have some sort of agreement about what to do w/ the embryos "just in case." DP & I had a long talk about it, & while they would legally be mine (choice was between that or having them destroyed), we agreed that if anything were to happen, we'd donate them.

And on the flipside of that, we had on of DD's donorsib's moms offer embryo donation to us...they're done, but they have 2 embies from the same sperm donor & an egg donor that they'd be willing to donate, since they know we want more.

It's really weird to think about these embryos as simultaneously property that can be transferred & potential people.
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