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When do you start refusing food?

DD seems to be snacking all the time. I know she is going through a growth spurt as she has gained 3 lbs in the past couple of month but I think it's just getting ridiculous. I'm afraid I am teaching her bad eating habits by feeding her whenever she asks. Up until now, she just turned 4, I figured she was growing and what did it hurt if she wanted to eat all day long. But now it just seems extreme. She eats 3 meals a day and still wants tons of snacks between meals. Is it boredem? I'm super paranoid about her learning bad eating habits and becoming obese like me

ETA: It's 10pm. Since she got home at 6 she has had 2 small bowls of spaghetti noodles and a banana. Her dad said she had already eaten dinner before she got here. She is currently in here telling me she is hungry...what gives?!
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