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My 42 week Homebirth!

I had so much hope but also a lot of fear when I woke Tuesday morning. I knew it was my last chance to give birth naturally before facing a hospital induction. My mother came to help me run errands and play with the twins. Once we put them down for a nap a lovely midwife named Jill came to give me an induction massage. For the first time in days I let go of tension and fear and gave in to the unknown. When she left I took my second try at castor oil. The foul tasting oil did nothing the week before but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I then retreated upstairs to stay centered.

The rushes began suddenly at 6:30pm and at 8:00 I called my midwife Kelly. By the time she arrived my rushes were 2 minutes apart and gaining intensity. I was so grateful to be in labor that I vocally thanked the baby and God often for the rushes and the labor. Kelly prepped my room while coaching me through rushes. Around midnight we tried to get some rest but as soon as Kelly tucked us in and went downstairs I felt a huge pop and sent my hubby running for Kelly. It was my water breaking and labor was fast and furious after that point.

I climbed into the bath tub and things became very intense, suddenly my body took over and began to push with out my consent. Kelly got me out of the bath and on to all fours. I pushed a few times but suddenly we had a concern because I began to bleed a little. Quickly I was on my side and needing to push hard to get her out as fast as possible. Kelly had to cut me and in 2 seconds her whole body shot out and was placed on my belly.

We found out later that a small piece of the placenta became detached which is what caused the bleeding. Cora Joan was born at 2am on April 10th after a short 8 hour labor weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and 18.5 inches long. I was in transition for about 20 minutes and pushed for about 30 minutes.

My midwife Kelly was like sunshine, calm, warm and full of love. She was the best person I could have chosen to guide me. Her partner Joscelyn was amazing, a beautiful person inside and out who truly made me feel like a warrior mother. My hubby was a fantastic birth partner, he said all the right things and knew when to help. I am so grateful to my birth team, our chemistry was truly magical. Our birth was calm, not nearly as painful or intense as I expected, full of love and absent of fear. It is my deepest wish that all women are empowered in their birth and can birth with out fear.

Fear Release for Birth:
There goes all fear you hold about giving birth. The birth will be perfect.
There goes all fear you hold about healing. You will heal beautifully
There goes all fear you hold about not being a good mother. You will be enough.
There goes all fear of never being creative again. You have a deep well of creativity within your soul.
There goes the deepest, most private fears you have about giving birth.
You will be enough. You will be enough. You are strong enough.
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