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Weird Question, but thought i'd ask here for help.

Has anybody else had any experience with a weird taste in their mouth? It makes me sicker because everything tastes 'funny' and it tastes that way if i'm eating or not and even drinking water tastes gross.

Does anybody have an idea of what it might be? I am going to ask my doctor on my appt on Tuesday, but seriously it happened around boxing day and hasn't let up

I've tried alternating when i take which vitamin to see if it was that, but it happens no matter what time i take them. BTW in a day i'm taking 1 prental, 1 fishoil capsule, 3 probiotic capsules, 1 cranberry capsule, 2 drops Vitamin D3, 1 calcium pill, 3 magnesium pills.

Do you think it could be the prenatal vitamin? Or is this some weird anomaly? Is something wrong with me Please someone tell me they have been there

OH, and i'm 12 weeks 3 days.
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