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Question What else do I need for a newborn / sm stage?

This is my first time CD'ing a newbie... I didn't start with DD until she was about 2 months old... and our stash was in constant turnover to fund the next size.. so by the time i got pg with Killian, I only had *supergirly* dipes in mostly larges... My 1st dipe purch with her was a box of 36sm/md fuzzibunz from craigslist *with inserts* for $100! (My grandma replaced the elastic in some and we were good to go!)

This is what I have so far for Killian (i plan to start in the hospital):

-1 NB Piddle Poddle
-4 NB Cuddlebuns from Drool Bucket Baby (but they didn't come with doublers? so i'm a little worried about the absorbancy)
-3 NB Mutts
-2 First Class Baby Size 1 (or nb? they snap down)
-1 Bugga Bugga Boutique NB
-2 XS Diaper Drive Thru
-2 XXS Diaper Drive Thru
-1 Little Boppers NB
-1 Med Babyshape Mutt (heard these fit pretty early)

-4 pr NB longies (3 knit/1crochet)
-2 pr NB Recycled wool longies
-1 pr SM interlock board shorts
-1 NB Bugga Bugga Boutique PUL
-2 NB IV Soft Cover (PUL)
-1 SM Wiggle Worms Bottoms
-1 XS Thirsties

All in Ones:
-6 XS BumGenius
-2 XS Thirsties
-2 SM Sposoeasy

12 travel & 7 reg Quilters Nappies.... I want *MORE*... but I prefer the travel (& of course the prints I want are mostly stocked in regs right now).. am I wrong about the regs?? Should I be buying those instead?? I like the way the travel wipes fit in our container and the fact that I can buy more with the same funds (& yes I know the size could mean i use more, right? lol... silly preggers logic..)

& for 'later':
-2 Lamaze/Eco Kids PUL covers Med
-1 Goodmama fitted
-1 Blueberry OS
-2 Mutt 3sr's
-probably another few straggling fitteds from Marley...
-16 BG OS (with snapdown inserts) that need LOTS of TLC.I got them cheap and I really can't find the energy to sit at the machine or cut into these to replace the elastic... (So, SPAM on *CHEAP* places to get them fixed!)

So.. what else do I need? I'll probably make some fleece pants soon...
I kinda freaked to DH yesterday about not having funds to finish the stash... b/c I had to quit my job last month after a week in the hospital from the flu. (The kids I 'nannied' for *they did NOT pay me like a nanny but called me one* had a bad habit of being sent to me sick and no matter how I talked to the parents, they kept doing it.. I finally landed in the hospital...)
Now DH wants to know how much $$ I need to finish off the stash....
I'd love to be able to get my BG's repairs included in that 'quote' for dh... but since I know how to sew and could probably do it myself.. I just can't get over the "I shouldn't send them out-- I should just do it".. but I really don't want to mess them up...

anyway.. *help!*
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