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Re: Age appropriate chores

Originally Posted by rowynne View Post
My kids have chores, but we dont pay them for it. They are members of our household & it is considered a requirement (no one pays me to do it!). I cut out a list of "age appropriate" chores from Parents Magazine YEARS ago now & I have kept it on the bulletin board next to the computer. I'll type it out for ya

2 and 3
  • comb & brush hair
  • get clean diaper & wipes
  • wash & dry hands
  • lather & rinse body (at 3)
  • select clothes from choices
  • put on loose-fitting clothes
  • put on coat (without zipping)
  • brush teeth (with supervision)
  • bring silverware to table
  • wipe up spills
  • pick up & put away toys
  • put dirty clothes into hamper
  • take own plastic dishes to sink

4 and 5
  • pour form plastic pitcher
  • put on shoes (tie shoelaces at 5 to 6)
  • straighten bed
  • empty wastebaskets
  • dust furniture
  • wipe kitchen table
  • feed pet
  • clear table
  • help unpack groceries
  • sort laundry by color
  • help put clean clothes away in drawers or on shelves

6 and 7
  • sweep into a dustpan
  • set table
  • help wash car
  • pupt groceries away
  • help shovel snow or rake leaves
  • remove dishes from dishwasher
  • sort silverware into drawer
  • run shower or bath (at age 7)
  • water vegetable garden and houseplants

8 to 10
  • fold laundry
  • strip and make bed
  • load and and run dishwasher
  • put clean dishes away
  • help care for younger siblings
  • vacuum, sweep, and mop
  • brush & floss teeth unassisted
  • load washer & dryer
  • take out trash
  • weed the garden

I dont have my kids do ALL the stuff on the list & I have them do some things that arent listed. We vary the chores in accordance with their age & maturity level. We do allow them to do "extra chores" (aka things that they are normally not responsible for) to earn time to play their video games but thats all the "earning" they do at these ages.
my 4.5 year old does most of the stuff on this list
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