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I think I have thrush

So my nipple hurts every time she latches on. She is 16 months old so weve been nursing awhile now.
My nipple is starting to hurt w/o her nursing as well, but every time she latches it's killer ugh.
I tried to look in her mouth but she fights it, from what I can see, I dont see anything.
The only real symptom is the pain, but that's enough for me.
I know I eat way too much sugar, it's my addiction that my antidepressants seem to induce. And w/the heat and wearing my exercise bra more often, I think the combo introduced the yeast. =(

Anyway anyone have some specific home remedies I can try? I really dont want to have to go to the doctor to treat this.

Ive done some googling but if anyone has some specific products to recommend, I know of gentian violet and probiotics but not specifics.

HELP please. TIA.
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