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Re: I think I have thrush

Originally Posted by wonton View Post
I think I am going to try a combo of EV coconut oil, gentian violet, and acidophilus and cut out as much sugar as possible and hopefully that will do the trick.

I noticed my breast is swollen at the nipple and more pink.

This child nurses ALL the time, she nurses off and on all the time, pops on and off and nurses when she's bored for comfort or whatever, and so there is never really "after a feeding" because of how much she nurses.

I also diluted some vinegar and put it on my nipple for the time being till we get to the store.

Ive been really lucky as to not have any major boob complications from her nursing.

IF I do have to take the monistat, Im guessing Id just take it vaginally like a typical yeast infection?
Ive very rarely have ever had a yeast infection, which is surprising consider how much sugar/bread I consume.

Thanks for responding. If anyone else wants to contribute please do.
I think the Monistat goes on your nipple.
I personally never felt comfortable doing that, especially since my LO was never "done" nursing.
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