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Re: Water Kefir and kombucha

I've never made the tea, but hear great things. I plan to try it in the future.

I just started doing water keifer. I made a yummy "soda like" drink a couple weeks ago. I just filled a big mason jar with some water, added a lemon sliced up (skin & all), a handful of raisins & a dried fig cut in half. Oh & some sugar for the grains to eat. I set it in a warmish area for about 5 days, but checked it every other day to see if it was done - it's done when you like it, basically. I did remove the fruit/strained it out after 48 hours & would suggest doing the same. It prevents mold. In the end, it tastes like a soda-type drink & has a little fizziness to it. DH & kiddos really liked it
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