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Does this forum include disaster preparedness?

I was just wondering if I was the only weirdo woman into disaster preparedness??? I figure homesteading is about being self reliant, and kinda goes in hand with being prepared for whatever may happen. I have been trying lately to built my emergency stock of items, and am dedicating $20/payday to stockpile certain foods. I have 2 small 6'x10' garden plots in my backyard which isnt much but I am trying to learn to successfully garden. Its super hot here and I'm still learning what to plant when, hopefully I get to a point where I can not buy certain things at the grocery store anymore. I can jams/jellies, tomatoes, and pickle certain veggies, make cold process soap. I have a slingshot with metal balls, a longbow (hubby got me last Christmas) and for now just target practicing in hopes of one day hunting. I try to make things from scratch and use only basic & multipurpose things around the house so I can stockpile only those items (baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, etc). We live in a subdivision so cant have livestock but I would love to have a few chickens, ducks, and maybe a goat or 2 for milk. And a mini fruit orchard! Hubby isnt on board with this, he doesnt complain much but he doesnt understand my need to be prepared. He feels having a big saving account is being prepared. I feel when crap hits the fan, that money is gonna be good for wiping butts But even for small things like power failures, or say the stove dies on us, I want to know I can take care of my family without those things.

So am I the only one that has clothes hanging in the top half of her closet and cases of dehydrated/freeze dried food in the bottom???
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