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Originally Posted by igotmywings
I dedicated $50 a paycheck to disaster preparedness. I also coupon to cut costs and my food budget is a tad higher for a 3 person household as well because of this. I have 72 hour kits for everyone in the family and a backpack in the back of my jeep for two people. I also have a bug out house that houses about 20 people on 300 acres. I need to actually start moving my items down to that house because that is where we will go for ANY emergency. If an EMP strikes while I do have a tractor that would run and we could hook a tailor up to it I would rather everything just be down there. My only worry is the house is near a coyote trail and we have had issues with Mexicans on the property before. I would be totally screwed if they broke into it and stole all our items. I don't prepare for just one thing (like that show shows people doing). My stockpile came in REALLY handy when I was between jobs.

I stockpile EVERYTHING you could imagine.

Edited to add:

I stockpile a year-2yrs worth of nearly everything imaginable. Coupons have helped cut the costs A LOT. I got a lot of my guidelines from here

I try to get my family into stockpiling. While my FIL KIND of does SIL doesn't. SO I basically do it for all of them nearly. Or buy more and then make them buy the extra LOL. If SHTF they like to joke wih me they are coming to my house (well..bug out location). While I tell them they are more then welcome at my house they better bring food. Although I can't stop them from coming to the bug out location since we all own it. I am working on getting them more into stockpiling though. I stock a bit extra of items that have a 30+ year shelf life but on the shorter stuff I just can't.
I think you could have left the Mexican part out.

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