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Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!

I would LOVE to enter for the stash lot and the boy lot. We dont have many diapers for our 18m old boy. We are going through a lot right now.

no money (DH works full time but we never have enough to pay our bills)

due any day (baby had 2 chromosonal defects appear on 2 ultrasounds)

no insurance or money

large family (we have 4 soon 5 boys under 6 and let the lord decide our family size) (I am 25 and DH is 27)

DH is in the hospital today with high BP, chest pains, ect

This would be SUCH a blessing!
PS I dont have any wetbags or pail liners at all. All that I do have was given to me by nice mamas on DS And I totally do not mind girly colors I have had dipes in the past but had to sell them all to pay for midwife/bloodwork/ and multiple U/Ss
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