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No longer for sale.

Selling in groups of 3 for:
$25.00 ppd
I have [-]12[-/] 9 used Babykicks fitteds. These were bought used from this site and then I used them for two babies. They are well used and 3 of them have shot elastic. The rest have elastic that is still stretchy but not as tight as when new. If you want relaxed and stretched measurements please pm me.
These are workhorse diapers. Each one comes with a joey bunz medium sized insert. I loved these for my newborn with out the insert. I would instead trifold a preemie pf and lay in. They are also great as toddler trainers with out the insert, too. With out the insert, they are three thin layers. My toddler could pull them up and down. For regular baby usage they are quite absorbent with the hemp Jersey insert.

They are hemp so when line dried can feel a bit rough since they are baby terry, (fyi). These are very versatile diapers and although some have brown staining and some look a bit dingy and have loose elastic, they are extremely functional and durable. The ones with the shot elastic work just fine. I just had to snap down the rise snaps to a shorter rise. Most of them look great, no staining, just regular wear and tear.

3/ $25 ppd

Ok enough talk. Here are the pictures!

I have a few more pics to upload of the inserts and the diapers.
Washed with country save and rockin green. line dried and in drier.
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