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Re: Do I need to wake her at night to feed?

Originally Posted by Mara'sMommy View Post
Well I feel stupid now. My dd is 3 months old, first baby, and I always woke her to sleep until she was about a month old. I didn't plan to birth in a hospital, but it happened that way because she was early, and they scared me with the whole " you have to nurse every 2 hours so the baby's blood sugar doesn't drop". I used to let it go 4 hours once at night and two 3 hour stretches, but she was sooo sleepy I always had to wake her even during the day. She once went 6 hours where she refused to wake up and nurse and I was freaking out!

She always had tons of wet/ poopy diapers but she dropped almost a whole pound within 2 days after she was born. And it wasn't due to lack of supply, I had plenty of milk, she just wouldn't eat.

I could have used the sleep! Silly me....
Don't feel silly mama, you did what you needed to do! Preemies and near-termers can't always wake themselves up to eat, so her losing a lot of weight and not waking to eat is something serious, you did exactly the right thing.

To the OP, please be careful! The first six weeks of breastfeeding is what establishes your supply. A baby who sleeps through the night so early is not going to help increase your supply to what it needs to be to sustain a baby from 6weeks to 6 months (a little tidbit, the first six weeks establishes your supply, after that from six weeks to six months the baby consistently will eat the same amount of breastmilk every day with the exception of growth spurts. If you spend the first six weeks not establishing a good supply, it can be difficult to get up to what your baby will then need through six months.) Basically what I'm saying is it wouldn't be a bad idea to wake up to pump if you find that she consistently sleeps more than 5 hours a night.

I'm going to guess that your baby just went through the two-week growth spurt. GS take a lot out of babies! Don't feel bad or be surprised if you find she doesn't sleep seven hours again!
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