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Re: Getting kids to clean

I don't do is just part of living in our house. I started when they were girls are 20 months and 5 now, and both are pretty helpful. We turn on music, and I give very specific instructions. Handing the baby an item and telling her where it goes. My 5 year old can do a LOT by herself now. Consistency is key! I am kinda no-nonsense when it comes to cleaning. No fun stuff happens until it gets done. Not helping isn't an option. Maybe that makes me mean, but I have seen too many kids (now adults) who weren't taught to clean as children and have no idea how to do it now that they live on their own.

ETA if my 5 year old shows initiative and cleans without being asked or does a ton of work without griping, I will occasionally pay her or reward her in some way. It is never expected though. She is really a good-hearted kid who loves to help, so not giving her rewards a lot is more an issue for me than anything else. Lol.

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