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Do they EVER wean!?

DD is my last baby, so I decided to parent differently with her... baby-led everything pretty much. And thus far, its been great. She's been in her own bed and going to sleep on her own and she's potty trained, and she'll be 2 on friday

but I'm starting to think she'll NEVER wean. Its only a morning nurse session because I kind of...nudged her to back off... It was too much, nursing her every 1.5 hours at 15 months old... and she did wonderfully, even pulled herself off her bed time nursing.

But she just WILL NOT give up her AM session. Which wouldn't be so bad, but it last FOURTY-FIVE minutes. And quite frankly, I don't have the time or patience for that! And starting in May, I'll be in nursing school, I dont want to have to include a 45 minute nursing session when I have clinicals at 6:45!

UGH. Any tips to...shorten the session? We don't have to quit entirely, because I honestly LOVE snuggling with her while she nurses, but ohmygosh. 45 minutes is a LOT of time, and i have a 3 year old who wakes and needs breakfast in that time
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