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I'm starting to make my lists for my hospital bag. Has anyone thought about what they are bringing? Care to share?
With DD, I kind of just tossed a bunch of stuff in a suitcase and I brought way too much!
I'd like to go minimal this time around.

My bag:
*Outfit to go home in
*small makeup bag w/ toiletries & hairbands/wax (I have super short hair) & DH's deodorant and stuff
*flip flops
*cell phone, charger and camera
*moby wrap
*birthing ball & pump
*snacks and water bottle for labor

Baby's bag:
2 outfits (1 warm weather, 1 cold weather)
2 sleep gowns
nail clippers
5 KLOs
4 workhorse
dozen infant prefolds
1 flat
3 covers
1 snappi, 1 set of pins
6 premie prefolds (in case baby is smaller than expected/burp/breast rags/PP cloth)
15 fleece liners
1 large wetbag (to keep in van w/ the "extra" diapers)
1 medium wetbag for diaper bag
carseat will be installed
flannel blanket in carseat

I plan on keeping some KLO, workhorses and prefolds in the van and pack everything else in the diaper bag (10 diapers) and have a small duffle for 2 bags ideally plus the birthing ball.
DH can run dirty diapers to van and get clean diapers if I need them.
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