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Canadian Thanksgiving is almost here. Anybody have a turkey stuffin' recipe?

So, stuffing ..... I don't eat it after i made my first turkey and used a 'family recipe' and got sick (nobody else so it wasn't food poisoning )

I tried another online recipe last year and attempted to eat it, manageable because it was so different (with apples and cinnamon and raisins), but everybody else DID NOT like it.

So, we are having turkey dinner Sunday and i need a stuffing recipe that does NOT have poultry seasoning in it (read first turkey experience - the smell makes me vomit ). DH loves stuffing and i was a little upset he hated last years. The kids ONLY eat stove top, so this is basically for DH and HIS family

Hit me with your best recipe PLEASE

Oh, and what else do YOU serve with turkey? I'd like to spice things up this year
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