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Re: Edward's syndrome and midwives

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
A homebirth would be out. As for a MW in a hospital being able to care for the family, it really depends on hospital policy as well as the MW's training and education. There are many MWs out there who are not educated or trained in births that revolve around mom or baby complications, and this would be considered a baby complication. Some MWs though are more medicalised and would be able to care for this situation. While many babies with Trismony 18 do not survive birth, others do, and so this family needs to have a team ready for this baby when he/she is born. If she was interested in a MW she has every right to look around for one who could provide the proper care for her and her baby.
Thank you, this is very helpful. They don't yet know how severe the syndrome is as the heart isn't developed enough for them to determine possible defects. But the chromosomal tests were positive for trisomy 18 and there was a cyst on the brain, so they are preparing for the worst. I think I'll contact them and mention looking to find a midwife group at one of the larger hospitals near them, since that's the most likely place to also find neonatal specialists--if that's what they want.
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