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Re: i made my first fitted diaper and have a few questions

Originally Posted by calianna View Post
So are they diapers or covers? I read the description but they just called it a diaper.

How do i tell if its cotton knit or just cotton?
I'm not sure, but I was wondering the same thing. You could probably email or call them to find out.

Originally Posted by calianna View Post
I looked at PUL fabric but unless im looking in the wrong place its almost 13 dollars for a yard and i only need enough for a little cover so i think it would be more cost effective to try and find a cover for less. And im hoping someone will know if the rumparooz are covers because they're only 4 dollars.
If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, they frequently (almost every week) have a 40% off couponand since you would only need a small amount you wouldn't have to buy a whole yard...example PUL $14 per yard...1/4 yard $3.50 - 40% = $2.10. You could probably make a couple covers out of that much PUL depending on the size of the doll.
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