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Re: cigarettes

Strangely enough, I just read this article on cracked the other day: 6 Logical Fallacies That Cost You Money Every Day

And this is #4
Won't Let You Get Rid of Useless ****

But wait a second: Why not just buy the Dell, then go on eBay and sell the useless Mac keyboard? Nothing wrong with that in theory, right? Fits perfectly with the "making your current possessions work for you." But something in you resists the idea. As a result, you're about to get screwed again thanks to the disposition effect.
This is the brain mechanism that tells you to wait for a better price on something that, in reality, will never go up in value. Investors suffer from this all the time; when a stock is losing value, instead of selling it and taking what they can get, they hold onto it. It's not optimism that it's going to go up (they'll do it even if all evidence says it won't) but rather being too pissed off at the idea of selling it for less than they paid.
Of course, this means your brain is much more likely to sell off a good investment, like say that comic book some chump is willing to pay $20 for.

It's the same impulse that makes people hoard useless stuff, unable to grasp the fact that it'll never be useful again. How many of you have cardboard boxes in the garage or basement full of dusty old hard drives and video cards, as if that **** is going to come back in style one day?
Here's another industry profiting off our malfunction: self storage companies. Yep, your brain is apparently perfectly willing to pay $200 a month to store a bunch of useless crap you no longer want or need, instead of just selling it or doing something REALLY tacky, like donating it to charity.

I realize most of the posters suggested donating the cigarettes and were appalled at the idea of throwing them away. I think it's interesting that we're so programmed to find a use for anything that we'd even donate cigarettes - cancer causing, highly addictive pieces of garbage.

Don't get me wrong. I think donating them is a fine idea. Heck, I even came up with an alternate use.

I just found it rather amusing that a comedy site like Cracked could so accurately pinpoint such an interesting shared characteristic.

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