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Originally Posted by amcess721
That's me and my munchkins at the holiday parade yesterday - my mom made their tickle hats 2 winters ago (before I knew how to knit) and so happy to report they'll each get one more season out of them! Have any of you done both the tickle and the hudson? If so, which one do you like better and why? At the time, I sent both patterns to my mom and she liked the look of the tickle better so we went with that one.

Also, the FASC that I screwed up on over a month ago - my mom fixed it last night without true frogging! She went back stitch by stitch for me for the 2 rows to get to the goof up and I'm back on track. I didn't learn anything, but at least I can move forward with it again.
Aww, cute family and yay for being back on track!
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