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Re: How to be a CVS'er

Originally Posted by Goodwill~Diva View Post
OK, 'nother question. I was just looking at my CVS flyer, and I am confused. Do you earn ECB everytime you shop, or do you only get ECB when you buy something labeled as for earnin ECB? Like the J&J buy $20, u get $10 ECB, but if I was just just buy batteries, would I still get ECB?
Yes and no..

You earn ECB's on every purchase you make but not all of them are instant. Theones that are advertised are instant, as soon as you complete the required purchases.

The items that don't show ECB deals still earn you ECB's though. Here's how..

CVS gives you 2% of everything you spend. Every 3 months I believe, and ECB will print with the amount you've earned that quarter. So yes, you DO earn ecb's on any purchase, but only the ones advertised are the ones that print right away.

Does that make sense?
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