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Re: Storing fruits & veggies. Help!

Everything should last as long as they were shipped, handled and stored properly before arriving to your store and that they are ripe or slightly underripe for the fruit. If you plan your meals around your food and buy most of your fresh foods weekly you won't have a problem with your food going bad... you can also freeze things if you have an excess of something you're not going to eat soon, and thaw it the night before when you decide you're going to eat it. Most of the things you mentioned actually last a long time, but if you don't buy your food for eating promptly you may want to put the pecans along with everything else in the fridge.

I personally buy most of my food weekly or bi-weekly, actually I buy my food about every other day, but I live close to the store and I walk usually. I leave my food out of the refridgerator for the most part, the temperature can affect the nutrients, but if you're not eating it right away it'd be much better to freeze it than have to throw it away.
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