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Re: new years eve chat

Happy New Year to everyone....I haven't been on much lately, it's been nuts betw. xmas excitement and visitors, etc. I tried to post last night but DH ended up doing work to the computer b/c it was acting up. Anyway, love the name Milo, Haley! So cute.
I really hope 7's had/having her baby! Wondering if we'll have a new year's's a full moon, blue too, right?
Rachel's doing well- such a mellow baby, she's a little pipsqueak just like her oldest sister. Shee turned 2 weeks old yesterday. So bittersweet. I love the first couple days after birth, new baby bliss. They just keep getting older every day after that. I learned more and more with each of my children to hold them every possible moment, and cuddle them, b/c soon enough they'll no longer be newborns.
My DH got stuck on a job at work not that we have any plans for new it is 6pm here and I have no clue what I'm doing for dinner. DD's 1&2 have been eating pistachios for the past hour...the bag is almost gone! That's a healthy "dinner", right? LOL
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