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5 VAX in one visit?

I was unsure of what to do about vaxing our 2nd DD. We vaxed our 1st. We just had our 2 mon appt. yesterday for 2nd DD and I told the Dr. I wanted to delay her vaxes for a while, and of course after an hour of telling me I was doing the wrong thing for my child and others that she would come in contact with, I decided to go ahead and have her vaxed on the regular schedule. So then this nurse comes in with 5 needles and some tube of liquid that they forced down her throat! It was soooo horrible! She took her good old time sticking my baby 5 different times with these miserable vaxes! The baby was screaming and I was crying. I don't ever remember giving my 1st DD 5 shots in one sitting. I remember her 1st couple rounds of shots being 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. And they had 2 nurses come in and do them at the same time! Did anyone else have that many at one time?

Oh, and then he told me that my breast milk was lacking in vitamins and floride and that I need to be giving my baby oral vitamins! I personally think he's crazy and I'm def not giving her vitamins and then he told me that I was to start giving her juice and cereal at 4 months old!!
This is exactly why I chose a home birth and hate taking her in to the Ped!

Thanks for letting me vent!
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