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Re: I need some help.

Originally Posted by Belbaby3728 View Post
Is he having plenty of wet and dirty diapers a day? (Wet more important- my dd pooped every 5-7 days back then). She didn't get back up to her birth weight till almost a month old. I think so many drs are used to ff babies. Any jaundice? Are they concerned about that? That too can be mistaken- sometimes its bad other times it's from breast feeding and goes away after 4-6 weeks.

If he's latching well, having plenty wet diapers , continues to gain and no other issues I would not worry too much. Some babies just grow slower. If your worried you could also see if there's a LC in the area- many have baby scales and will come weigh baby before and after feeding so you can see how much baby is taking in.

My dd is just over double her birth weight now at 7 months, she's fine
Yes, yes, and yes to everything in this post! The number of wet/dirty diapers is much more important than the number on the scale!

How does your LO seem after nursing? Is he content, satisfied? Is he unusually fussy, or seem hungry more than "normal" (I put that in quotatation marks becayse at 16 days old, it's "normal" for babies to eat around the clock!).

One other thing to consider is a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance... that can cause slow weight gain. One big indicator of an imbalance is green, frothy bowel movements.
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